Snicker DO doodles


The cool thing about cooking bloggers is we do the research so you don’t have to, right?

Tonight’s super quick recipe is a homemade batch of snickerdoodles. Butter, shortening,  sugar, flour… The only thing you may need to swing by the store for is Cream of Tartar. But it’s essential! Oh, and you’ll need to log in to a (free!) account to America’s Test Kitchen. The recipe is here, it’s great, and I promise you won’t mess it up. Just one Drunken Cookie tip:

If you have a choice between a regular cookie baking sheet and an insulated sheet, use the regular sheet. You want the crinkle top characteristic of a classic snickerdoodle, and my cookies on the insulated sheet didn’t “fall” as they cooled. (Still delicious, of course.)


Trust me, this recipe is worth the free registration. Your kitchen will smell amazing, and your friends will think you deserve your own baking blog.

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