Drunken Dessert Pizza

Sometimes you thought you failed at something, but then you tweak it a little, and maybe you get a little success. That’s Drunken Cookie Cookin’ for you.

DessertPizza20150321_223546This is easy. This is for when you thought your pizza dough didn’t rise, but it did an hour late. Or you thought you made dough for a single pizza, but really you made dough for five pizzas. Or, because you want to have dessert for dinner. Either way, it’s a pulling victory out of the sticky, gooey jaws of defeat!

The directions can’t be more simple – follow the photos. Here’s some guidance:

  • Don’t use your normal “pizza” pan, unless you’re sure that no trace of garlic or seasoning remains. (And it probably does). Grease the pan, especially the sides (if it has sides) because the sugar topping will run off.
  • The┬ástreusel topping is 1/2 c brown sugar, 4 tablespoons butter (1/4 cup), 1/4 cup flour, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Pulse in a food processor until clumpy. Or use a fork, your fingers, whatever it takes.
  • Drizzle is simply powdered sugar, a bit of water or milk, and vanilla. I used a basting brush to spread it on top when the pizza was still hot.
  • Use whatever jam you like. I don’t recommend grape, because you’re not 5 years old, but it’s your dessert pizza – make it how you want.

I want to try this with a few other options. Maybe cinnamon sugar on the dough first, then cream cheese. Maybe add a little pecans to the streusel. I wish it had clumped more, so maybe a touch more flour or less sugar. Either way, I plan on making it again the next time we make homemade pizzas.

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