When Life Gives You Lemon Cake

I decided to try the Lemon Lust Cake from my FAVORITE CAKE COOKBOOK EVER which is aptly named The Cake Book by Tish Boyle. I was hoping it would turn out like my wedding cake, which was amazing (the Orange Grove cake in said book).

Wedding Cake
Our Wedding Cake, September 2013

But it wasn’t quite as amazing as I had hoped. There were two reasons, I believe: 1. It wasn’t as moist as I wanted, even with all the layers of filling and frosting and love. And 2. It was in direct competition with a Sour Cream Chocolate Cake, which just isn’t fair (post to come soon).

The Lemon Lust cake has 4 lemon syrup-soaked layers of lemon cake, has a cream cheese and lemon curd filling, and is frosted with a lemon buttercream. It’s time-consuming but impressive if you nail the recipe correctly (which I feel like I didn’t, to be honest).

After all the steps were completed (the photos omit the lemon syrup, cutting of the layers, etc.) I was ready to frost. And the amount of lemon buttercream was simply not enough for me to cover the entire cake, and the crumbs were an issue. In the end, this was my sad result:

Food Edit20150228_160653

But, when cut it looks lovely (sorry no photo of that, my mistake). And it’s very lemon-y (I used 6 fresh lemons for this cake), so it would be great on a hot summer day. I just wish that I had enough buttercream to cover the entire cake , or maybe just leave the layers exposed on the side, like a torte. My husband noted that the lemon curd would be good as its own layer, though it’s really tart! Either way, I probably won’t make this exact cake again, unless someone requests it.

Lesson learned: you can’t hit them all out of the park!


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