Vanilla Glazed Donut Challenge

Iced Donut CloseupSometimes I like to try a recipe that’s a little challenging, and since a friend of mine wanted me to bake something “vanilla” (wha?). Last Saturday was the perfect opportunity.

Thanks to Saveur, I found this great Vanilla Glazed Donut recipe on their site.

I read through the directions and nothing seemed too tough, other than I’m fairly rookie level with yeast. Practice makes… better? So I decided to go for it.

Note there are no photos of me actually mixing the dough in my Kitchen-Aid. This is because I was thinking “this is all wrong” and AGGGHHHH WHY DID I TRY TO MAKE THESE?” Which leads me to some words of advice, should you try to make them:

  • Prep everything. Read the directions a dozen times and prep again.
  • “Transfer the dough to a lightly greased bowl”. This dough is really sticky and will not simply “transfer”. Good luck. Next time I’ll spray my hands with Pam.
  • Donuts Rising
    Donuts before the 2nd Rise

    I used the back side of 3 large cookie sheets, covered in parchment paper and sprayed with Pam, to use as a surface for the donuts to rise once they’re cut.

  • I used a countdown timer for 1 minute 5 seconds for each side of the donut when frying. I would do this again. I do not suggest estimating the time in your head, at least the first time. Also, be sure you use a candy/deep fry thermometer and adjust your timing/heating based on the oil temperature. The recipe said to fry at 325°, but I was around 350° most of the time.
  • The icing was not thin enough for me to dip the donuts. I thinned it and used a brush instead.

Most importantly: The prep and cook time is not included in this recipe, because you’d read 5+ hours and probably pass. No, really, 5 hours for the first shot. Maybe cutting it to 4.5 if you’re a pro. Instead of listing the recipe again (just click the link above) I’d like to break down the time aspect into a donut chart (ha!):

 Prep Time: A Donut ChartDonut Chart (2)
Sample Donut
Sample with cinnamon and sugar

You might be thinking – but you’re not doing anything during the rise and cooling! Wrong. You’re cleaning and prepping, making way for the next step. I was able to relax for about an hour overall, and I made some awesome blondies during the first rise (post to come soon)… because I was not confident these would turn out. So if you’re not busy baking another recipe, you’ll probably get about an hour and a half worth of breaktime throughout the process.


They are really, really good. I have an idea to tweak these into cinnamon rolls already. Maybe the next weekend we have a big snowstorm headed our way…

Added bonus: I was SO happy when they turned out. It felt awesome. It probably made them taste even better, but my friends also enjoyed them. They do not stay fresh for more than a day, so be ready to share or have a belly ache.

Finished Donuts
Finished Product: 18 Delicious Donuts

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